About Us

About Us

To change a dream into a vision and vision into a reality, one has to strive and struggle for years. In order to make such a dream come true, knowledge needs to be combined with experience and vision, nurtured by a clarity of thought and geared to the needs of a child. Mahapragya International School is undoubtedly one such project.

Mahapragya International School is a dream come true even for parents in its true sense. We at Mahapragya International School realized how burdened the children and parents are under the existing education system and introduced the new age thematic learning which not only reduces the weight of the student's bag but also their mental stress through multimedia programmers. This modern technology will make the learning teaching process more effective and delightful. These audio-visual presentations are supplemented by worksheets, thus elimination text books, work books and note books to a large extent.

Personality Development through Science of Living

Science of living has been incorporated as an integral part of education at Mahapragya International School. Of the various experiments that have so far been conducted in the field of education, Science of living can be reckoned as the most functional and practical. It is a training course based on scientific principles comprising various branches of learning drawn from both modern and ancient sciences.

Its nature, scope and methodology have been determined keeping in view the fundamental problems and limitations of the present day system. The curriculum draws support from stories, mythologies, poems, anecdotes etc. taking students as the primary target group, the curriculum seeks to enhance students emotional and cultural intelligence. Its source of inspiration is Anuvrat Anushashta Acharya Shri Tulsi, whose thoughts have been further developed-and extended by Acharya Mahapragya.